Industrial Recruitment

At Euro Task, one of our many specialities lies within industrial recruitment. We recruit for a plethora of roles including, but not limited to, Pickers and Packers, Production Line Operatives, Assembly Operatives and Warehouse Operatives. As the face of Euro Task, we understand that our staff are central to our company, so you can rest assured that the staff we recruit and supply will all have the necessary experience, training and character to quickly adapt to your company’s requirements.

In this industry we appreciate that flexibility is key. For this reason, we cater to each and every one of our clients’ needs through understanding and adapting to your requirements. At Euro Task we work around you. Our first step is to establish the desired qualities of the staff member you require before filtering through our extensive candidate database in order to supply you with only the ideal CVs that match your company’s ethos. For previous clients we have supplied candidates on a range of contracts including temporary, permanent or even temp-to-perm. Whether your preference is for staff to remain with Euro Task and for you to be charged an hourly rate for each hour they work or for you to pay a flat fee to recruit them directly onto your books, our friendly team of consultants will work around the clock to find the best solution for your company in order to ensure your recruitment needs are fulfilled.

If you currently have vacancies at your business, please get in touch with us today by calling 0113-827-2279 or completing our short contact form

Pickers and Packers

Pickers and packers will work within warehouses and factories. With the processes of a warehouse or a factory there is always need for pickers and packers. We understand that some companies combine these two roles and others will have them separated often depending on the size of the warehouse or factory.

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Production Line Operatives

Production Line Operatives are involved in the manufacturing of goods in various different industries such as: food & drink, pharmaceuticals, construction and engineering. Production Line Operatives are in need of excellent practical skills, while being able to work quickly and accurately in any placement.

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Warehouse Operatives

As a Warehouse Operative you are expected to deal with all goods and products that arrive into the warehouse. This role could include a number of different duties depending on the warehouse, however, in most cases it involves moving a large amount of heavy goods within the warehouse and order picking and packing.

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Assembly Operatives

Assembly Operatives work within a factory or a warehouse, assembling products to be sent out for delivery. Within this they will be an integral part of the production and putting together various products depending on the industry they will be working within. Often, depending on the industry it will require workers who are quick to learn as the assembly process can differ from role to role and will be taught to all new workers.

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