Summary of Role

The work of a Joiner can be seen in many different environments. This can include the chest of drawers at the foot of your bed, the wooden doors at your workplace or the shelving at your local coffee shop. A Joiner is a skilled tradesperson who works with wood to create a variety of fixtures, fittings and constructions to be utilised for multiple purposes. Joiners are integral to any construction project as it is fundamental that they possess a keen eye for detail and the ability to follow technical drawings and plans.

Here at Euro Task, we have an impressive array of Joiners located across the entire UK with an abundance of experience working across a variety of projects.


Typical Duties

  • Cutting and shaping the wood for window frames, floorboards and skirting boards
  • Making and assembling window frames, fitted furniture, staircases and doors
  • Fitting wooden structures including: roof timbers, partition walls or floor joists
  • Constructing temporary wooden supports to hold concrete for foundation building
  • Creating and fitting interiors of offices, bars, shops bars, restaurants and residential settings

Why Use Euro Task?

Here at Euro Task, we understand the important role a Joiner continues to play in the majority of today’s construction jobs and refurbishments projects. For this reason, through evaluating areas of expertise, we take great pride in hand-picking the ideal joiner for the project you currently have and guarantee that dedication, honesty and reliability are never compromised.

If you currently have a project that requires a Joiner please get in touch with us today by either calling 0113-827-2279 or completing our short contact form